NEON.CROWN. Is an EDM project I started focused of creating my passion of ambient EDM Music. Together with my Christian values of how I live my life with Christ, the confessions of my self seeping through the music. Smashed and fused together has created a MONSTER sound you can jump, chill and throw down to…. and has become the signature sound of NEON.CROWN.

The first EP “Oblivion” was a Fast paced, Hard-hitting Album with the ambience of the single “We Will Rise ft. Amelia Gardner’ and the Chaos of Tracks like “As Time Stands Still” and “Everlasting”. Establishing the sound of NEON.CROWN.

Now with the new second EP “Awakening” almost ready to drop, I have pushed the sound of NEON.CROWN. Further, and cant wait to unleash the progression of where the sound that is NEON.CROWN. Has gone with “Awakening… Noise.