Nicole’s personal walk with the Lord has resulted in great healing and
transformation. Because this transformation within her own heart and life has
been so significant, it is her desire that others understand the hope that
everyone has through the power of God’s Word and personal walk with the
Holy Spirit.

“I never set out to write songs and have never had the goal to become a
singer/performer/songwriter or ‘artist’, none of these titles sit comfortably
with me. I am simply a grateful worshipper of Jesus who spends time with
Him, seeking to know Him and His ways and endeavouring to set my life apart
to His will. Songwriting is one of the extensions of my time with the Lord.

I passionately believe in the power of the presence of God, Isaiah 61 says that
His presence brings healing for the broken, beauty for ashes, joy instead of
sadness and salvation and a new life for all those who call upon His Name. I
truly believe these promises are for us all and believe this hope is
communicated through the words and the Spirit on the songs.”

Serving within the worship ministry within the local church context with her
family, Nicole was encouraged to write and record. She has been involved in a
number of album projects and in 2012 was signed with ‘Downunder Label
Group’ and with the release of her own album, began to receive both national
and international airplay. In 2014 her two releases charted on the Australian I-
Tunes Inspirational charts – with the most recent in the top 10. She has also
charted on overseas I-Tunes platforms.

Now Brisbane based, Nicole regularly shares her testimony at high schools and
ministers at churches both locally and interstate.