At first glance Jashaél might seem like another acoustic guitar girl with a cool, sweet voice, but the more tracks she reveals, the more she proves no box contains and limits her music. The Filipina gained a foothold in songwriting at the age of eleven. Though she calls folk and chamber pop her musical home, she fearlessly explores a wide range of other genres and pairs the melodic outcome with oft poignant lyrical eloquence, marking her music bold and refreshing in mainstream OPM.

Jash officially debuted at a solo concert (Ang Tamang Pag-ibig, or The Right Love) when she was fourteen, after her parents discovered her covers and songs uploaded on her Youtube channel (shockingreality). She then released her first self-produced EP Pagbangon in 2012, while her second solo concert (The Journey Thus Far) was held in 2016 at Thumbnail Theater (WA, USA).

Some of Jash’s awards as a musician are Best Song of the Year for “If I Were a DC Writer” and Best Children Melody accompanying National Artist Rio Alma’s poem, “Maghugas ng Kamay” (Wash Your Hands), awarded by Polytechnic University of the Philippines (2011) and Philippine Cultural Education Program (2020) respectively.

Jash is also an award-winning fictionist, poet, illustrator, and filmmaker.