Christian Recording Artist, Public Speaker.
Every once in a while, there is an artist that just has it. What is it exactly? Diversity! The ability to be all things to all people. A rapper/singer with the skill-set to perform at a hip hop club, as a part of a worship set, on tour with a rock band or even acapella. Point5 is the definition of diversity. The perfect fit for any event!

Growing up in the midst of desertion, racism, rejection, and failure, Point5 persevered through it all and signed his first record deal at the age of 18, touring with the likes of Chamillionaire, Paul Wall, Baby Bash, and more. After discovering that money, fame, and women were not what he needed to fill the void in his life, he walked away from it all to pursue the higher calling of Christ. Now he stands as a representative of endurance and character. Point5 is traveling the world and creating music unlike anything in the industry. His music is deep, his performance is engaging, and his ministry is undeniably effective. Simply put, he is doing something that has yet to be done; using music to fuel a revival in the hearts of people all across the world.

Point5 presents a purely Christian message that anybody, religious or not, can relate to and respect. Point5 is the type of artist that not only brings a captivating concert experience but most importantly, a life changing encounter with God. He is passionate, prophetic and relentless in reaching the lost and hurting people in this world that so desperately need Jesus. Providing solid truth, revealing hope through a life with Christ and whole-heartedly loving people Is really the heart of this ministry.

Point5 is one of the most qualified Christian artists in music today! An educated man with four degrees (including a Masters in Communication), a military veteran (with several medals of achievement), a first responder, a parent, an airman, motivational speaker, singer, rapper, songwriter, and more. He is an award winning artist who has been featured on the Steve Harvey show, AGN, Ellen, a number of motion picture soundtracks, and festivals. Serious skill…punchlines, metaphors, a ridiculous vocabulary, and a bold delivery make Point5 one of the most captivating artists in the industry, sure to spark a life changing revolution in any setting!

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